Servicemen S-T

Sarsby, Charles Henry – born on 13th December 1885 at Bradford, the son of Charles Anthony Sarsby, a stuff merchant, and his wife, Emily. On 31st December 1910 Charles marsarsby-2ried Mabel Marguerite Hammond at Newport, Isle Of Wight. The couple subsequently had eight children.He was resident at 42 Stoney Ridge Road, Shipley from 1915 to 1918. Charles served in the 1st/6th Battalion of the Duke Of Wellington’s (West Riding Regiment) and had joined some years before the 1st World War began. In July 1911 he had been promoted from 2nd Lieutenant to Lieutenant. On 1st October 1914 Charles was promoted to Captain and on 8th April 1915 experienced his first overseas involvement of the war in France. On 22nd April 1919 Charles relinquished his commission on account of ill health caused by wounds (he had been wounded in June 1915). He was awarded the British War Medal, the Victory Medal and the 1915 Star. He was also entitled to a Silver War Badge, but may not have claimed it. Charles travelled widely and became a successful businessman in the family company of Charles Sarsby Limited where he was a director. He was also involved in various business partnerships including Sarsby & Lightowlers, Wharfedale Wireless Works and Sarsby & Burnett Ltd. In the 2nd World War Charles served as a Lieutenant in the Pioneer Corps. Charles died at Llanishen, Chepstow on 18th March 1966.

Seal, George Alfred – born at Poplar, London in 1886, the son of Joseph Seal, an electric cable jointer, and his wife Alice Sophia (nee Weatherill). On 9th November 1907 George married Beatrice Eddison. In the ensuing years two sons, Clifford and George were born. In 1911 George was an iron polisher living at 16 Museum Street, Beckett Street, Leeds where he was employed by Dalby & Wilson. On 23rd January 1916, George attested at Bingley and was  put on reserve. Private 352401 George Alfred Seal was mobilised with the Royal Engineers on 16th April 1918. He was demobilised on 19th October 1919 to his home at 6 Town Hill Street, Cottingley.

Shackleton, John Ward – born at Cottingley on 13th July 1884, son of John Shackleton, a worsted weaving overlooker of Cottingley, and his wife, Christiana (nee Shepherd). In 1911 John was an asylum attendant at West Ham Borough Asylum. Private 622265 John Ward Shackleton enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery on 26th September 1914. John served overseas, rose to the rank of Corporal and was discharged, due to sickness, on 11th September 1917. He was awarded the British War Medal, the Victory Medal and a Silver War Badge.

Shackleton, Thomas Shepherd – born at Cottingley on 25th July 1882, son of John Shackleton, a worsted weaving overlooker of Cottingley, and his wife, Christiana (nee Shepherd) and brother of John (see above).  On 19th June 1909 Thomas  married Emily Jefferies, at which time he was  a textile designer. In 1911 Thomas, Emily and their daughter Christiana were living at 12 Stoney Ridge. No documents have been discovered to explain Thomas’ military service.

Sheffield, John – born 1896, son of Mary Sheffield. In 1911 he was an errand lad for an ironmonger living at 41 Scarborough Road, Norton. John attested at Newcastle Upon Tyne on 15th January 1916 and subsequently served in the Royal Field Artillery and the Royal Garrison Artillery, initially as a gunner but later promoted to bombadier. In June 1916 John went overseas, to France. He was awarded the Victory and British War medals. On 22nd October 1917 John married Rhoda Annie Smith (sister of Harold Redvers Smith – see below) at St. Michael and All Angels’ Church, Cottingley. After the war they lived at 9 Main Street, Cottingley.

Smith, Bernard – born 1898, son of Sarah Smith. In 1911 he was a worsted spinning doffer, living at 7 Quebec, Cottingley.

Smith, Harold Redvers – born at Malton in 1900, the youngest of fourteen children of John Smith, a gas works labourer, and his wife Mary. The Smith family appear to have moved from Malton to Cottingley sometime between 1911 and 1917. The family lived at 9 Main Street, Cottingley for several years after the war. No military records have been found for Harold. On 3rd February 1934 he married Beatrice Jackson.

Smith, John – born 1893 at Malton, son of John and Mary Smith and brother of Wilfred and Harold Redvers Smith (see above and below). In 1911 John was a footman at the residence of Sir John Edmund Backhouse (a director of Barclays Bank Limited) in Darlington. On 2nd September 1914 John attested at St. Helens and joined the Preston battery of the Royal Field Artillery, eventually attaining the rank of bombadier. He served in the Mediterranean and Egypt before returning home on 15th June 1919.According to his Medal Roll Index Card, John first saw action in the Russian theatre on 1st July 1915. He was awarded the 1915 Star, Victory medal and British War medal. In 1918 his residence was at 9 Main Street, Cottingley.


Smith, Walter – born 1888 in Cottingley, son of John Smith, a worsted warp twister, and his wife Clara. In 1911 Walter was employed as a warp twister and was living at 52 Main Street, Cottingley. In 1915 he made his home at 8 Hollings Street, Cottingley and returned there after the war. No military records have yet been discovered for Walter Smith.

Smith, Wilfred – born 7th January 1898, son of John Smith, a worsted warp twister, and his wife Clara and brother of Walter (see above). In 1911 Wilfred was a spinner living at 52 Main Street, Cottingley. Wilfred went to France on 7th January 1917. On 4th November 1922 he married Nellie Aspinall.

Smith, Wilfred – another Wilfred Smith was resident at 9 Main Street, Cottingley in 1918 and was also able to vote through naval or military qualification. This Wilfred was born in 1896 at Malton and was a son of John and Mary Smith and brother of Harold Redvers Smith and John (see above). In 1911 he was bootmaking and resident at Dr. Barnardo’s Industrial Home in Commercial Road East, Limehouse Division of Tower Hamlets, London.

Snowden, William – born on 19th April 1899 at Skirrow Street, Cottingley, one of eight childrsnowden-001-2en of Emsley Snowden, a farmer, and his wife, Amy (nee Stagg).  The Snowden family lived at 52 Main Street, Cottingley, then at 3 Mitton Street, Cottingley but after the war the family farmed at  Manor Farm, Cottingley for many years. William enlisted for military service on 19th May 1917, but was not called up until 27th May 1918. On being called up, Private 51952 William Snowden was posted to the 6th West Riding Regiment. William’s occupation at the time was a horseman and it is interesting that he appears with horses in many of the photographs of him. When William was demobilised on 7th May 1919 he was attached to the 474th Agricultural Company. William married Hilda Emsley on 23rd May 1925. They had one son, Stanley, born in 1929. Hilda died in 1938 and William married Nellie Bell (formerly Moore) on 26th February 1945. William died at Lancaster Royal Infirmary on 18th December 1964. Any photographs of William on this website have been supplied by John Snowden (William’s nephew) of Melbourne, Australia.

Spedding, John James – born 1887 at Kilmalcolm, Renfrewshire, son of Thomas and Helen Spedding. On 29th October 1910 married Lily Hook at Bingley Parish Church. The couple subsequently had two children, John J. and Lily. In 1911 John was a wool comber. He served as Private 13168 in “D” Company, 9th Battalion, West Riding Regiment first going into action in France on 15th July 1915. John died on 25th April 1916 and is commemorated at Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery, Armentieres, France. He was awarded the 1915 Star, Victory Medal and British War medal.

Stagg, Clifford Atkinson – born 1898 at Gloucester, only child of Harry Gledhill Stagg and his wife, Martha. Clifford attested at Keighley on 22nd August 1916, at which time the family wstagg-cas resident at 42 Main Street, Cottingley and Clifford was a clerk employed in the mill of W. R. Kay Limited at Cottingley. He served as Private 44309 in the 12th Battalion, Durham Light IOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAnfantry. On 20th January 1918 Clifford was admitted to hospital in Genoa with pulmonary tuberculosis. He was subsequently transferred to hospitals in Marseilles and Edgbaston, then to the Middleton Sanatorium. Clifford died at home on 30th September 1918 and is buried in Bingley Cemetery. He was awarded the Victory medal, British War medal and Silver War Badge.

Stead, Percy – born in 1890 at Cottingley, the son of Annie (Hannah) Mary Stead. Annie later married Thomas Thompson then Fred Summersgill. In 1911 Percy was a wool warehouseman at 86 Haycliffe Road, Bradford. On 15th May 1915 Percy married Alice Annie Petty at Cottingley. His home address at this time was 6 Skirrow Street, Cottingley. Percy enlisted on 24th June 1916 and was called up on 8th November 1916 and posted to the 12th Company of the Royal Army Medical Corps with Regimental No. 96182. On 5th March 1917 Percy was transferred to Warlingham Military Hospital. On 28th July 1919 he was discharged “no longer physically fit for war service” due to facial paralysis. Percy was awarded a Silver war badge due to his disability.

Tankard, D – No information has been found relating to this person.

Taylor, George Albert – born 19th December 1899, son of Edward William and Emma Taylor. In 1911 the family residence was at 52A Hollings Street, Cottingley. Prior to George Taylor d.jpgenlisting, George was employed by  Charles Sowden and Sons of Sandy Lane. George enlisted in the Royal Naval VolunteOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAer Reserve Tyneside Division on 13th December 1917 and served as Ordinary Seaman Z/12241. He was subsequently promoted to the rank of Signaller and died of influenza followed by jaundice at  a Liverpool hospital on 25th November 1918. This was just 17 days after the death of his brother, John, (see below). George had been serving aboard HMS Almanzora, his last trip being to South Africa. George was buried in Bingley Cemetery.

Taylor, John Wilson – born 20th May 1894, second son of Edward William and Emma Taylor. In 1911 John was a domestic gardener, employed at Bankfield, Cottingley, living at 5John W Taylor grave.jpg2A Hollings Street, Cottingley. He was later employed as a card grinder by W. R. Kay Limited at Cottingley Mills. John attested at Bingley on 7th December 1915 but was not mobilised until 23rd August 1916. On 12th June 1916 John married Elizabeth Ellen Auton at Staindrop. The couple lived at 77 Sandy Lane, Allerton. As Private 267777 he served in the 3/6th Battalion of the West Riding Regiment, going overseas on Christmas Day 1916. John died of wounds received in action on 8th November 1918, just 17 days before his brother George (see above), and is buried in the Etaples Military Cemetery. He was awarded the Victory and British War medals.

Teale, Thomas – born in 1882 at Baildon, the son of Thomas Teale, a warp dresser, and his wife Sarah. On 18th April 1908, he married Hannah Murgatroyd. In 1911 Thomas was a stone mason living at 1 Skirrow Street, Cottingley. Details of Thomas’ military service have not yet been discovered. After the war Thomas resided at 5 Mitton Street, Cottingley for some time. Thomas’ name also appears on the Roll Of Honour of Saltaire village.

Terry, Thomas Stephenson – born at 170 Garnett Street, Bradford on 20th September 1876, son of William Richard Terry, a packing case maker, and his wife, Martha Ann (nee Stephenson). On 2nd June 1900 Thomas married Lily Moorhouse. In 1911 Thomas, was a timber yard labourer living at 85 Harewood Street, Bradford. Thomas was an iron cleaner of 25 North Bank Road, Stoney Ridge when he attested at Bradford on 8th December 1915. It was not until 14th October 1916 that Private 528478 Thomas Stephenson Terry was mobilised with the Labour Corps. On 15th November 1916 Thomas was posted to the 34th Brigade of the 68th Division. On 20th February 1918 Thomas was transferred to the 494th Agricultural Company. He was demobilised on 16th March 1919 to 48 Wellington Road, Undercliffe. Thomas died at the Duke Of York Home, Bradford on 11th February 1933.

Thompson, Herbert – born at Bingley on 28th September 1877, son of William Thompson, a railway clerk, and his wife, Sarah. On 24th December 1903 Herbert married Sarah Kate Thornton. In 1911 Herbert was a banker’s clerk living at Brookside, Cottingley. Herbert attested at Keighley on 20th November 1915 but was not called up until 12th July 1918. Herbert was posted as a Driver (No. 424504) to 432 (HT) company of the Royal Army Service Corps at Bradford where he remained until demobilisation on 6th February 1919.


Thornton, Joseph Henry – born 6th July 1892 at Cottingley, son of Benjamin Gott Thornton and his wife Emma (nee Dickinson). In 1911 he was living and working on the farm of his grandmother, Ann Snowden, at Manor Farm, Cottingley. On 27th March 1913, Harry, as he was known, emigrated to Australia along with Frank Hird and Harry Rowling. In Australia he enlisted in the Australian Infantry and thornton-graveserved as Private 2030 in the 3rd Battalion, 5th Reinforcement regiment.  Harry left Sydney for the Dardanelles (via training in Egypt) on 13th April 1915. Harry was killed in action on 16th June 1915 and was buried at Beach Cemetery, Anzac Cove, Gallipoli.