Kirbys of Hertfordshire

Samuel Kirby is the earliest Kirby found so far. He was born about 1737 but it is unclear where, but possible at Buckland, Hertford. A baptism is recorded there on 9th March 1737. He married Sarah Hills at All Saints Church, Hertford on 14th November 1767. They may have had five children – Susanah and John were christened at Great Amwell on 8th January 1769 and 29th April 1770 respectively, while Ann, Sarah and John were christened at Braughing on 18th August 1771, 25th April 1773 and 30th July 1775 respectively. It is possible the latter three children were from a different family. Samuel, 77 years old, was buried at Great Amwell on 27th February 1814.

John Kirby, as mentioned above, was christened at Great Amwell on 29th April 1770. He married, by licence, Elizabeth North at St. Augustine’s Church, Broxbourne on 25th February 1793. They had two children – John and Sarah were baptised at Broxbourne on 16th June 1793 and 7th December 1794 respectively. No record of John Kirby’s death has so far been discovered.

Elizabeth North was the daughter of Abraham and Mary North and was baptised at Broxbourne on 14th April 1772. She appears to have had one brother and four sisters. Elizabeth’s father was buried at Broxbourne on 23rd February 1812. A record of Elizabeth’s death has not yet been discovered.

John Kirby, son of John and Elizabeth Kirby, was baptised at Broxbourne on 16th June 1793. A marriage of John Kirby and Sarah Ann Nunn was recorded at Great Amwell on 7th October 1815.

John and Sarah had ten children. John, Emma, William, James, Mary Ann and Jane were all baptised at Great Amwell on 19th May 1816, 27th April 1817, 5th September 1819, 25th November 1821, 13th June 1824 and 13th May 1827 respectively. John, Henry, Eliza and Joseph were baptised at Broxbourne on 3rd January 1830, 14th October 1832, 5th July 1835 and 30th September 1838 respectively.

The 1841 census incorrectly recorded John as “William”, a male servant, living with Sarah and three children at Lords Lane, Hoddesdon. In 1851 John and Sarah were living at Stansted Valley with three of their sons. At this time John was a labourer.

On 14th November 1858 John Kirby was buried at St. Catherine’s Church, Hoddesdon.

In 1861 Sarah, a labourer’s widow, was living at Burford Street, Broxbourne and was still there in 1871.

Sarah Ann Nunn had been baptised at Broxbourne on 24th July 1796, the daughter of James Nunn and his wife Jane. Sarah’s father James, then a widower, had married Jane Logsdon , a widow, at Broxbourne on 1st July 1791. Sarah’s death has not definitely been traced but may have been in 1876.

William Kirby, son of John and Sarah Ann, was baptised at Great Amwell on 5th September 1819. On 7th November 1839 William, a 20 years old ostler, married Ann Glasebrook at Broxbourne.

William and Ann had nine children – William (baptised 16th February 1840 at Broxbourne), John (baptised 22nd January 1843 at Broxbourne), James (baptised 8th June 1845 at Broxbourne), Emma (born 1847, died 30th January 1856), Eliza (baptised 5th May 1850 at Broxbourne), Sarah Ann (baptised 14th November 1852 at Broxbourne), Esther (baptised 23rd December 1855 at Broxbourne), Alice (baptised 6th February 1859 at Broxbourne) and Ellen (baptised 26th May 1861 at Broxbourne).

In 1841 William, a male servant, and Ann were living at Lord Street, Hoddesdon. In 1851 they were living at Lords Lane, Hoddesdon, with William being a labourer by trade. In 1861 William was a garden labourer living at Lord Street, Hoddeson with Ann and 6 children. In 1871 William was a labourer living at Lord Street, Hoddesdon with Ann and three children. By 1881 William had become a gardener but still living at Lord Street, Hoddesdon. In 1891 William was still a gardener and still living at Lord Street, Hoddesdon but was then a widower. By 1901 William had retired (he was 83 years old) and living at Lord Street South, Hoddesdon.

William died at his Lord Street home on 29th April 1902.

Ann Glasebrook was baptised  at Westmill on 14th May 1920, the daughter of Thomas and Mary Glasebrook. Before her marriage to William, Ann had an illegitimate daughter, Mary Ann, who was baptised at Westmill on 29th April 1838. Mary Ann was brought up as a Kirby and it is possible that William was the father. An article in the Hertford Mercury & Reformer of 2nd December 1837 provides some evidence of this possibility. Ann died at her Lord Street home on 3rd June 1890.

Thomas Glazebrook married Mary Wilds at St. Peter’s Church, Bennington on 9th January 1910. Between 1815 and 1836 they had eleven children in all. In 1841 they were living at Cherry Green, Westmill where Thomas was an agricultural labourer. Thomas was buried at Westmill on 22nd October 1850. In 1851 Mary was a pauper living at Westmill Green. She died in 1860 and was buried at Westmill on 29th May of that year.

John Kirby was born on 16th December 1842 at Hoddeson, son of William and Ann, and was baptised at Broxbourne on 22nd January 1843.